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Beds Of Fire (Bandcamp 2015)

   It’s like a masterpiece works from the new founding generations whom loving how the 60’s and the 70’s Classic notable Pop sounds being snatched by the next essential contemporary names like Beck or The Killers not trying to be some kind of Emo-whining besides too many failures already as we know it – then the next steps is going back to reality when Alternative Jangle-Pop rules their own small world turning more community to liking them slowly as ended up with the incoming of Modern Rock and Neo-Pop thanks to the characterized sounds that also taken by The Lunar Laugh of Oklahoma City as their finest melodic tunes with harmony choir and smothered distortion wall asking you rather to dance happy than head-banging like monkeys.
Jared Lekites had teaming up with Connor Anderson forming this “a must have” band for your collections as an inspiration to the excellent Pop-gems like Lindsey Buckingham’s accessories on this so called – powerpopholic. 
Successfully giving thus coexistence tracks of joyous themes to share and wisdom to re-thinking via Winsome, The Way I Roll, On The Road, When I’m Alone and Bottom of The World are the great lists for The Smithereens fans to have right there on Apollo ...