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Beast Unleash Madness (Self-Released 2014)

   Moscow, Russia’s slamming through the endangered species called Metal-Core with killing drumming, destructive vocals and hell-evil riffs of six strings comprising over five-piece metal-heads of Anton Samokhvalov on drums, Denis Saakyan (bass), Gennadiy Savvin (guitars), Alexey Sazhin (guitars) and Danil Orlov (vocals) as gladly presenting their efforts as Ease of Disgust which maintaining the new era after the cold war and communism ruling burnt out into Black Flame album as blackened Deathcore, Death Metal to Heavy Metal extremity covers the entire short story about how mankind with super-power magic being consumed by the giant worm-creature just like the track that comes with its force of brute via Enter The Circle, Reflection of Suffering as well as Among The Doomed, Ashes of The Stars and We Bring Hell – right at your front door as the Russians now reflecting their hate or anger onto the same imperfect loud music of metallic scene invading the motherland from the West but in a hailing horned way possible …

Black Flame: