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Baron Eucharist (Bandcamp 2007)

Recovered luckily from the hard-drive crash that almost ruining this recording session data independently being released in final word as the moniker alias stage naming for Gregory Pepper And His Problems used by this Guelph, Ontario multi-instrumentalist/song-writer and visual artist on S/T (Super-Deluxe Re-Issue) over the tons of Lo-Fi or Indie-Pop tracks of thirty-two songs with the help from Tim Kramer on bass/cello/harmonica or Corey Wood on drums and you may knowing them then, the various type of music genre actually are here within the simple to the confusing picked-up tracks whether it’s The Imposition Polka, How to Raise Canaries, The Creeps and The Price is Wrong all the way through Hatefuck, Caw From The Crow or Child Prodigy – one by one finished under the duration of three minutes which also not pretending to assures that the man himself admits that he Can’t Mix on IPod Headphones but the most Jangle-Pop melodies infusing on !