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Baby C’Mon Workin’ (Teenage USA Recordings 2003)

   Canadian Power-Pop Punk interests with worthy aspects to listening by those whom liking Alternative Rock much would finding their dreamy displays on The Weekend which consisting of Andrea Wasse, Jason Pierce, Randie Van Gorp or Ryan Ford and this Teaser + Bonus Level really comes with many amazing Pop-tinged riffs, catchy hooks and fast drumming included the standard cheesy lyrics that could melts your heart to live these rockers instantly. Led by the hottie female singer with great vocals and her friends of Pop rockers to take your feelings away with young romance or sad story turns emotionally empowered in a good list of tracks like 80’s Rockstar, Bring It On, Out of Sight, Victory or the infamous anthem for the finest day for lovers on Perfect World; it’s not just an example for writing themes like anti Me Vs The World or not having fun in daily lives – this is truly Pop meets Rock meets Punk on their intimate moments.