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Aurelia Marshrutka (Not On Label 2016)

   Either you would going for a holiday to the tropic island or it’s just another boring day but the cure for your boredom finally found via the Acoustic Rock of singer/song-writer travelling man from Barcelona to Los Angeles and whether it’s about the misfits or outcasts feeling for a boy whom lived on dreaming for escaping a better world from Koreatown to San Pedro as Brazzavile’s songs sounding temporary confusing or complicated but with the good employments and fresher performance as well wiser lyrics and better format; The Oceans of Ganymede may just looking like an old family picture album which taken as an example to the front cover – showing the Happy Man used to be a smiling kid with grandma or mama; doesn’t matter cause your choices of Pop-oriented soft music in slower tempos admitted to be reluctantly, demanding right now as Girl, Dear Diary, Sleep on My Shoulder to Christopher’s Mother and Rockaway Beach will reminding us about how old we are now and how we used to playing with flirty babes and misses the chance to meet our soul mates then; no regrets but expressive themed of harmonies as continuing to go on !