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Artiste & Repertoire (Occultation Recordings 2015)

A latter-day incarnating of not a perfection but heading to the next project led by Nick Halliwell with Phil Wilson to Arash Torabi and Mike Kellie made a concept of a soft-pop rock group expanding life which carries out thus lamentation and pop-ish background as their front layer now as The Granite Shore debuting to their first album together in Once From The Top. 
As seeing will giving you a believing images for keeping the peace in touch with the natural surroundings as you getting old so did this album happens to be build to by the group; written tracks and wiser lyrics celebrating the sooner of rural twilights, end of summer gone, the old antique gate entering an adding ages with theme-tracks like Backstage At The Ballroom, Fan Club Newsletter no. 44, Widows and Orphans to Now Therefore … would sounded softly like The Management of good intentions by these oldies rock players crossing their Nine Days’ Wonder world.