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Apart Mind Breaking (Bambam Records 2016)

   Mexico city lusty offerings for those whom loved to walking alone through the dirty alley within silent and the quench thirst over blood-drinking or just being aroused to touch a living human’s private parts before torturing sexually seductive by the sounds of colder Goth-Pop rocking like MekRokieV as Audra, Chaka, Pavel MkV or their dead friends forming this band a bit late by the end of the first ten years since the new millennium arrived. Best in use for those whom being a loyal and real fans for this music as the latest recording from MekRokieV on Before; leads the excessive semi-louder , a bit faster and standard tempos in a foggy reaches to almost winter weather atmosphere surrounds you playing the glimpse of hope which actually dying and the meaningless promises waiting to be killed by lust and hungry fangs just being expected through the displaying of Empty Room, On The Road, After All, Ideas and Tired – just pretending that these songs becoming a soundtrack for any Edgar Allan Poe’s classic works as a lullaby for you – tonight using these Death-Rock Electronics …