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Anneliese Hell (Granite Factory 2017)

One can calling him as aliases for either Lord Rot, Lock Howl or even James McBain but for the excessive tunneling channel on blistering project over one-man solo for Speed Metal/Black Metal blasting right here made of a proud scene of Aberdeen, Scotland just call the unit as Hellripper because no matter what you might think of before – shall be erased quickly as the tide of magnitude earth-quaking beats shook the struck attacks over your world once you pressing play to its full-length recording today – Coagulating Darkness. 
Open firing and louder the volume as you might wanted to fucking kill someone irritating your path since the day one or just about now a person comes and blocking your views to seeing what lies behind the darker side gifts to bring-up front. 
With the self-performing musical instruments and live solos melodic that shall strapped on the guilt or beheaded the ignorant bigots once they’ve access to the forbidden tales of themed musical by Metal Heavy community through Hellripper messages; don’t judging those songs of Demdike (In league with The Devil), Within The Everlasting Hellfire, bastard of Hades and Black Invocation no coming by standard but extremely purchasing to those whom only beliefs that mankind should be totally enslaved or erased of the face of the earth and as the angels weeping hard and the priests dying – the ruling god-satan really laughing because the end of times finally happening.

Coagulating Darkness: