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Andromeda Virus (Bandcamp 2013)

James Bondage, Adam Alone, Erik Stitches, Jason Hell and Sean Sleaze must be a creepy thrilling people that being born to scaring the scare-tempos out of people especially on the days closer to the end of September whilst disguising as the other personalities of themselves through The Reanimated of Cincinnati, OH’s originality answers for the infamous figures made welcome and scary via The Misfits legacy since the early eighties era but now as the time for "tricky or threatening" comes back again and may needing for some good newer victims – dead or alive to sacrifice; Scream At The Screen must be your ultimate marathon after midnight shows celebrating the All Hallows Eve with nobody at home. 
Fast Punk-Hardcore melodic and dready themes complicated to put on the top as themes forbid by your priests or parents or teachers or maybe, your girlfriends to do during the cursed night in a row. Listen to the louder volumes for Resurrection 85, They Live, Devilution, Watching You Die and Sometimes They Come Back or We Eat People with a bonus for those to screaming about later. May your times got very scary and ruined for the murderous scene or the strangled sisters, the slashing videos or the horrific crawlers from the backyard would be true and you shall regretting  the spirit-caller said about risks since …