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Amparame (Figure & Ground 2017)

Had drawing the influences to enriched their musical performance and progressions as the band’s already playing together for quite a long time; rooted for Colombian sounds along with Caribbean, Panama, Cape Verde, Haiti to Jamaica incorporated as the traditional music meets the modern Indie-Rock sounds led by the amazing vocalist Carolina Oliveros, drummer Dilemastronauta, guitarist Nino Lento to bass player Prince of Queens; Combo Chimbita is your personal guidance to exploring how on earth the islanders plays on music becoming totally approves here in New York or Brooklyn area. One should assure that they’re already learning more about the roots of Caribbean troops settling longer over the Big Apple and around it as well brought their cultures and musical sounds traditions just like these quartet did on Abya Yala – debut album that strengthen within guacharaca rhythms and Futuristic Tropical Cumbia-not-Cumbia things within the force of the jaguar spirits potential beats to hypnotizing your ears and feet and body to be fully controlled like a voodoo doll by these music performance. 
Listen to their man-trap displays over Dame Tu Mano, No Regreso, Pachanga, La Raiz and Congo – where the Latinos, Centro-America, Caribbean-ism and Afro-mystics blending to prey on white folks whom used to invading their land and colonizing their homes.

Abya Yala: