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Amalurra Memocracia (Redcore 2013)

Euskal Herria presenting its powerful –violent friendly Street Punk/Redskin group and you may finding their names sounded familiar as Boot Boys as the music comes tearing up the rocking sensations out of your throat as all lyrics are written in Spanish. Malditos or Damn It ! means horribly as fucked as the due political/social issues deranged into a mangled problems that cannot be fixed until everyone feels that the only way for solutions would be either peace or class-war and these band choose the second option on the releasing of Desobedientziaz Bizi.  

As the Spanish Punk Oi raging here to make your head banging hard or pogo-mosh being held to destroying the outside comfort zone of the haves; the riffs coming like sand clouds as Hostiles Torbellinos, Lealtad (Loyalty), Mis Principios or Mendeku Oiuhuak (feat. Eneko Sembrando Kaos) and Traidor (Traitor) means violent is back on the streets again. 

Real Rebel are Punk-Rockers with their causes hitting your wealth -reality harder !!!

Desobedientziaz Bizi: