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Alexandr State (Hybris 2006)

The nineteen ninety-four may became the band’s first breathing on planet earth as the Indie Pop-Rock band named Hell On Wheels established in Sweden by Asa Sohlgren, Johan Risberg and Rickard Lindberg and may also called HOW sometimes quite catchy i.e for you and others whom liking to listen for slower softer and sweeter tunes made not too grungy as the word of Alternative Pop means that one can easily singing along follows thus Jangly Pop music and lyrics just like for example through the band’s fourth efforts entitled odd Church that sounding well – not that weird as the baptizing title and everyone will extra-larging loved these trio because the simple reasons of the melodic harmonies composing tracks via Stealing Notes From The Devils Notebook, At Least You Still Pretend You Care to 5 More Minutes, Perversion and Heard You On The Radio as they’re came like an instruction from the daily stories experienced by the band members themselves, of course. 

A church image telling us about how beautiful Indie Rock can earns its Pop-roots just like Hell On Wheels did here; paid their hard working and gaining more fan-bases as it should !

Odd Church: