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Aki No Hachiouji (N_Ingen 2012)

Japanese pre-assumed of Shoegaz-ing grungy-Pop culture noises trapped inside these group called My Dead Girlfriend consisting of Ideta, Ishikawa, Kinoshita and Shimano must be terribly joyous on releasing the long-titled album for Underdrawing For Three Forms of Unhappiness at The State of Existence as well as the opener one or the second opinion for you to listen through Skyscraper Kills My Ghost in Your Memory or Vandemieeru No Atama (Vendemiarie’s Head) complicates almost anything you might thinking of before but as for the music from them – that’s a different story cause the Pop-based sounds and good beats really won’t get you spoiled too much but never stops tuning to the last drops on them. 

Whether your boyfriend wailing to the wall for pray so you can coming back as human again or he just afraid seeing you in a spirit form; don’t be sad cause life’s just an animation that we can provide or erased in time as we wanted to. 

Believe it or not …

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