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Akasthesia (Bandcamp 2012)

Studio performance freshly towards the remarkable of how Jazz-Pop tunes can be likely describing by the young listeners nowadays might be a mystery but it is possible to put on the net onto the water where you think there are plenty resources that can attracting productive fishes to be caught just like how the trio of Chris Illingworth on piano, Grant Russell on bass guitar and Rob Turner on drums composing their musical project of Electro Jazz-ambient classics as being GoGo Pinguin – the group. A debut album for Fanfares; might looking forward to the audience to feel a bit like when you got your chance to seeing what has the giant telescope in the sky pointed its view on as the project sightings or observations over a clusters, stars or even galaxy and those feelings stained to stay a bit longer as the process happened so did this music which mostly instrumentals but keeping its communications with the audiences clearly attached in soft, sophomore and delighted relations through the tracks like Seven Sons of Bjorn, Unconditional, I Am That or HF that non-frustrated trying to release your free will and collaborative sense to enjoying music served here from Manchester – UK, entirely humane.