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Adjust TV Set Attempt (Inya Face Records 2009)

What a waste of space for one to digging for any good Ska-Punk legacy nowadays because it’s not the mid-two thousands anymore but whether you did the time-lapse to the late nineties or from exact spot there jumping to the future still it’s not a sin and always fun for having things like We Are The Union as your chosen band to cranking-up the boring rainy moments with - Who We Are where everything seems looking stuck in the middle and there’s nothing you can do about it – or just say that, life still sucks but thankfully, Brandon Benson, Jim Margle, Reed Wolcott or Ricky Weber from Detroit, Michigan came along and cheering out the stereo with their blending of fast and energetic Punk-Ska power-tools professionally approved and melodic like Pop-Hardcore pogo dancing soundtrack while themes pick and written into songs of solving problems rather than messages for killing yourself via You Can Have This Microphones When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Fingers, I’m Like John Cusack, This is My Life and It’s Ending One Minute at a Time or MTV is Over if You Want It or even Plane Ride to Borneo probably, sounding hilarious and laughable but everything still be true if you stay true to yourself  and try to not being a faker. 

This group really having a best funny moment s of their lives and there’s nothing fake about it – because you jumping happy and you can feel it !

Who We Are: