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Adhara Habibi (Agogo Records 2016)

   Voodoo-related rhythms and slow tunes of the Electric Jazz World with Soul purposes by the Cesena, Italy’s DJ, composer and musician – Andrea Benini whom also known for being a tripping creature of sound named Mop Mop working himself up within the experimental experiences over the likes for cool Jazzy, club musical and funked Soul brotherhood companionship through his own career as a musician whom does recorded some of his greatest works on albums such as this example one for Lunar Love; the essential sounds which would letting some audiences imagining about how if Santana got his new project with All-Stars of North-Sea Jazz ensemble and Sergio Mendez could be sounded like exactly these thing. 
Variants releases through the songs of the album lists like The Journey with Alfa to Totem; The Awakening on Spaceship: Earth or Omega, The Experience within The Barber feat. Anthony Joseph or Close Encounters performing Plato to The Serpent to Supreme. 

Win a trip to isle of magic with Signor Benini and his temptation crew of musicians or just close your eyes and buy a ticket to the pacific one way to go and leave boredom behind.

Lunar Love: