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Abduct Area 69 Goat (Bandcamp 2015)

   Alien Fucker of Haifa, Israel is no particular common extreme Heavy Metal warriors with ordinary music composed by the guys worshipping the rainbow colors flag rather than the Star of David within the incense smells powerful for the semi-Grinding Porno-Core on New Wave/Pop licking good related system and as the growler fixed as mixing with the more Pop-oriented and brutality via these five-piece members like Itai “Cum-puter” Mizrahi for the drums, David Amiramov the vocalist, double penetrating guitar-transforming crew Ron Sheskin and Or Kenny to Amit Levi on playing bass guitar like you never heard before in a solid Porno Gore Grind active in Rape Party album – a celebration using the band’s aluminum foils clothes and firmly, fifteen tracks cursing in such a dirty harsh but also because of the quality of their Pop-sensible on this one; illegal songs like Ashiaraiyashiki, Green Nipples, Hola Denabola, Cum on The Alien Eye, Clitoris Invation, Space Anal with My Space Dog or Heil Porn and Rape Farm are your problems not theirs anymore and everyone would be so damn happy fucking each others in the damnation heaven of Grind-Core Porno club in the sky.

Rape Party: