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4 Steps Introvert (Medea Records 2000)

Detroit’s five-piece Nu-Metal that combines the essential roots above whether Post-Metal, Hardcore and Rap-Rock perfectly suitable in a combination unites the differences toward the blasting blasphemous beats, screamo vocals and cross-over jumping courageous bravery to make the slight attacks over the established society with their social values which always chained us down but with this bursts of freedom of speech or music by the metallic dynamic movements on the midst of 2000 peaking the Hip-Metal performance going global as Too Many Gods – whom being some of those ex-members from Pitbull or 20 Dead Flower Children dare to slamming their mixes of Techno, Industrial Metal, Hip-Hop or other imaginable sounds influence as the hard-hitting album release through Blind Soul Lottery – disguising thus depressions replaced by angers in the form of fistful of tracks as exampling likes Mindless, Reflect, Scare Tactics, Empty Man, The Letter Y or ETU. Bashing them who dares to get to closer to your mosh-pit !

Blind Soul Lottery: