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3 Trees Earthquake (My Pal God Records 2001)

Repeating the whisperer Folk mentioned once and again but never stop the harmony vocals clearer than any of people’s representatives on the parliament with rotten greed inside their hearts; not this man – Brian McTear doing his own thing, written lyrics and singing on what he feels for the lies and the joking law-making or the non-simple living with mounting problems bigger than your mom and dad would facing after the eighties came or your grandparents doing their sex-activities on a tent without afraid to believe in something special just like how this Bitter, Bitter Weeks solo project of Indie-Folk Pop on an acoustic guitar like the real follower of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan to walk the line across the wall-street avenue singing louder about Daylight Savings is Over, The Best Days of My Life, You Paralyze My Heart or Water in The Basement that collectively gains the social-views, political issues and romance into one bundle of melodies under the umbrella.

The self-titled recording which sounded low-profiled but uploading awareness to us all.

Bitter, Bitter Weeks: