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Shock Miss Louise (Atlantic/Warner Bros. 1987)

   Can calling it a romance drama and a little less-comedy of Horror touching background or perhaps, reversed it but the seminal legendary soundtrack for the teenage/young adult’s movie of The Lost Boys directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Harvey Benrhard told the almost real story about some facts that moving in to a new town for these Arizona brothers Sam and Michael from their old boring town only to finds out about a safe-haven for vampires gang living in their lair under the beached cliff as the story goes with Michael fell for a girl whom actually one of the blood-sucking leader David named Star, his mom worked again and met this old guy turns out to be not as good as he looks and as the intentions getting hotter with the biker gang of the night children grab Michael to be one of them as being initiated on a ride of his life; the little one Sam found his allies of expert vampire slayer local kids and insecurity grandpa feeling terrified to see that the fact that the place of Santa Carla, CA is a hell-hole for sure. Eliminating the vampire gangs and saving the girl before too late or just running out of time and being a snack suckling for them isn’t an option but a must as the soundtrack came as cool as it gets which carried the tracks rocking from INXS’s Good Times (with Jimmy Barnes), Lou Gramm screaming out loud via Lost in The Shadows, Roger Daltrey finishing the cuts through Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me as a great song; Echo & The Bunnymen had The Doors anthem classics fits for the movie case on People Are Strange, Beauty Has Her Way by Mummy Calis as the finish line reached with the surprising ends might giving you’re a hint on how you cannot trust that something bad is gone until you making sure that it is gone permanently.


Title Main Version (Arista 1984)

   If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you’d gonna call ? Of course, the infamous good smart people whom being well-known as your favorable quartet – Bill Murray as Peter Venkman, Dan Aykroyd as Raymond Stantz, Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler and Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore working together as the experimental scientists and paranormal activists as well as Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts figures out that there’s something not right sprouting on top of the giant building there and that’s happening soon almost on the same time the quartet of Ghostbusters manage to catch some spirits or ghosts haunting the city public-library’s basement capable but still trying to measuring their inventions equipments more but as the time is ticking faster than they can running to catch it; came a Demigod worshiper to Gozer The Gozerian – a powerful being from another dimension arrive to destroying the city and taking over the world – that must be stopped by local heroes whom everyone’s needed the most. Ghostbusters movie is the first installment of these proton packs shooters for cleaning up their neighborhood from evils spirits and haunting disturbance; Ivan Reitman directing it and Elmer Bernstein did the music supervisor thus Electronic-Modern Classics, Pop-Rock to Synth-Pop music to help the ghost hunting fighters of this famous supernatural comedy movie within the original soundtrack songs like Ray Parker Jr. singing the main theme tracks followed by Alessi with Savin’ The Day, Thompson Twins  on In The name of Love, Air Supply with I Can Wait Forever onto Laura Branigan’s Hot Night, Mick Smiley’s magic and Elmer Bernstein instrumentals track for Dana’s Theme. Come out with The Bus Boys and Cleanin’ Up The Town !


Rat Slice Quartet (Silva Screen 1987)

   As a puzzle box found in Morrocco, being bought by Frank Cotton whom also managed to solve the puzzle box and opens the gate for The Cenobites showing him horrible carnal sadomasochism with a room full of chains and bloody tortured bodies as he gone missing since.
   Later on Frank brother restored the house which used to have “the cursed room reality” inside as Larry moves in with his daughter Kristy whom being obsessed as she having the nightmarish visions and found the box to solved once again – resurrecting her dead uncle Frank only to kill and take her dad’s skinned soul as the mentioning of the re-open puzzle box may causing consequences – inviting more creatures of The Cenobites to haunts your world formerly a horror shortened story taken from the British supernatural body of tortures by futuristic hellish creatures in the movie Hellraiser which not only shall strangled your imaginations of the bewilders to the high and excessive points you might thrown up seeing the mess delivers by the movie itself as being directed and written by Clive Barker of his works via The Hellhound Heart. 
Christopher Young did a freaking scary job for compiling the tracks of hollowed Classic Electro-modern scoring instrumentals and frigid sexual appeal for mutilating flesh and ripping off your guts by gutted as the lists there gripping our fears by the turmoil taste beneath The Lament Configuration, Reunion, A Quick Death or Seduction and Pursuit lining-up for more until the end process for Uncle Frank, Brought on by Night and Another Puzzle leads it to the new beginning with winged figures, time lapse and restored cursed box back for the next customers to catch an eye over the thing.

Hellraiser Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

Nacatl Penetrator (Lakeshore Records 2008)

   Art- gallery owner business interest, a photographer’s ego-motions or a coincident case files of an unfortunate person stick through a path that he shouldn’t follow or walks-in is the main principle digest stored imagination that being shown from this Clive Barker’s finest collection of his Books of Blood origins directed by Ryuhei Kitamura as a captures on rare opportunity off a vegan freelance photographer named Leon and his girlfriend Maya dragging onto the strange and scary non-escaping investigation for the disappearance of a butcher/serial killer named Mahogany whom suspected for murdering many subway passengers since three years ago as the activity led him to meet detective Hadley – showing a terrible horrific pictures where most of the victimized bodies were hanged upside down as the marks strangely branded on their chests by the mutilator on this terrorizing scene movie off The Midnight Meat Train which starring Bradley Cooper, Vinnie Jones and Leslie Bibb; as the original motion picture music was composed, mixing and compiles sets by Johannes Kobilke and Robb Williamson within thus remixes completed by Justin Lassen as you can totally follows or may said as it stalks your appearance in vulnerability via the various uncommon artists performance on Strange Strange Dark Star (Iconocrash), Whenever We Come Back from Breaking The Jar, Manakin Moon closely comes in Blue Hands or Three Dot Revolution bring their tracks on Today’s Remains. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack that had the movie caught everyone’s attention while watching it but don’t do it alone cause the reptilians which being fed by the butcher in the story may stalks your presence because they’re hungry for human-flesh which contradicted to the first thought that may occurs on your mind.

A conspiring Horror tale scares you there.


Offended Sink (Bluurg Records 1991)

The ex-members from Subhumans and Culture Shock had then decided that they’re keep continuing thus likes for Ska-Punk or English breakfast Pogo-music as Citizen Fish – the band. As being consisted of Alex Gordon, Dick Lucas, Jasper Patterson, Matt Dowse, to Phil or Silas right around the corner of Bath, Somerset. The enriched Punk spirits in fast-musical playing demanding the band’s infamous silly logo as either a stamp on Wider Than A Post Card.
Sounded like the old version of UK Subs, Rancid while they’re just disbanding for the reasonable first group to be understood. 
Groovy and surprising to them whom quiet and let only the energetic music sounds from the band like Language Barrier, Same “Old” Starving  Millions, Give Me Beethoven…, Smells Like Home onto Mind Bomb and Conditional Silence – never sounded better as your heard the records on in a funny, serious, relaxing and focus ways for the audiences to grow and didn’t got a fishing hobby. 
Political issues, protesters o the street to the policeman whom wanted to delivers their efforts too today !

Wider Than A Postcard:

Have A Seat (Bandcamp 2017)

Founding is as hard as introducing to the entire neighborhood and through their own self-esteem from Doug and Russell – two good music impact making and composers just doing their fun pleasure works onto thus beat-saver toned by the dancing themes for Electronic Dance, House music and (maybe) the weirdest way for catching a prey through Pleasure Dome; an ultimate mini recording released by those two figures as Fishing and thus collaborations might ended up pretty much tiring but before they’d decided to creating more remixes; just a reminder that actually their song number two – Yuwa is pretty much moment-lifters as the port computers espionage can’t easily making this mature music to liking for. Flood or even the Christopher Port Remix slowly moves everyone who beliefs in Electro-Dance multi-used tracks plus the conditions which you may entering isn't hostile ...

Pleasure Dome:

Feather Dove (Thrill Jockey 2017)

The collaborations between sisters (actually, not as siblings) but more to thus similarity upon musical capability, related favorable thoughts or traditional based purifications through essential themes and semi-occult as Psychedelic American primitives of Appalachian Folk-experiments and the same inhabitants of Ashville, North Carolina; spiritual chanting, harmony vocals and collective musical instruments performance between the duo of House and Land – Sally Anne Morgan (fiddle, shruti box, banjo, vocals) with Sarah Louise Henson (vocals, 12-strings guitar, shruti box, bouzouki) quickly re-discovered through the lens of love format on tradition music sets in a live/acoustic considers spaces around them in simplicity and adornment while these Appalachian ballads or the tuning session off this self-titled recording may revealing the essential secrets surrounding the creation of mankind or couple; as the serpents guiding the corner side of the circle or eating preys as the music fulfilling the pure things in spartan beautiful works like this one.
Play their music for Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah, False True Lover, Listen To The Roll, Home Over Yonder and Rich Old Jade non-mistakenly would deprived from the real stories telling via the strings arrangements or percussion played by Thom Nguyen as being blessed by the spirits of the old desert or the delta rivers.  

House and Land:

ManPilatos (Self-Released 2011)

Originally hard-attached to Nicosia, Cyprus as the country by birth for most of the group members of Trio Tekke; the London-based three-piece: Antonis Antoniou (trouras, vocals, electronics), Lefteris Moumtzis (guitars, vocals) and Colin Somervell (double bass) arranging their own materials as well as some Classic tracks traditionally belongs to Cypriot culture as the musical exploration continues even longer and resulted this fantastic album to listen – Samas.
By the mixtures of the Reggae-Jazz cum, fairly acoustic guitar melodic finger-plays and much reasons for having this Indie Pop local and Greek-based Post-Rembetika or Neo-Traditional Pop joined with marimba, slithering violin and cheeringly springs the essential strange but danceable songs like Batman’s Uniform, Andigonou, To Gelekaki, Karagiozo and Pame Sto Faliro just about to forcing you to do the silly dance entirely with other envi-tators staring at the artistic jamming.


Puutarhassa Luostari (Svart Records 2015)

Mystical with the use of its local language that makes the barrier seems to be stronger as Progressive Rock and Pop New Age continuity crossing the way for our listening room to have via Uhrijuhla (meaning Sacrificial Feast) related to the closer ancient traditional folklore of the locals and Finnish lesser-finest to be noted by Alternative Rock fans for having them as collections because the music sounded so unique, the lyrics would came like something from Rivendell forest or Middle Earth poem with the rare nepenthes as the cover for Jokainen On Vapaa Lintu arranged and composed by the rest of the tribe people of this sophomore acts of Folk Rock credits to Jukka-Pekka Valimaa or Kikke Lindberg, Kimi Karki or Kimmo Laine and Olga or Olli Kauniskangas and so on.
The mixing of Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock and strange female voices singing or telling stories about those tracks on the album: Syksy, Salaseura, Dyyneilla, Juokse Poika Juokse or Verenpunainen seems to celebrates the giving of mother nature by offering her good deeds, good harvest and good fortune as magical mystic occult of the old heritage kept on praising and practice in the mix with thus modern rock tangled cables not polluting the land or taking too much over of what you needed as greed leads to curses. 

Feel the forest chilling in smiley cheers and animals might gathering or jump as the fairies finishing their rituals …

Jokainen On Vapaa Lintu:

Time Hurts (My Kingdom Music 2007)

Horrifying entertainment erupts from the depth of hellish metallic sounds factory creating the blending on Doom Metal, Black Metal and Goth Rock problems to your head not to avoid. And Harmony Dies is a Nocera Superiore, Italy group which leads by the main member of the group thinker and assembler – Francesco Palumbo bring this art of a decadent age of anti-religious and pro-satanica would be a fifty-fifty solution taken by a chance on how advantaging to follow one or another can keeping your addicted to metallic head-banger continues just like the releasing of Flames Everywhere as the whole concepts of music narrated, whispered and chanted devilish spells may forbid by the church-goers being burnt later but cannot stop the blasphemous screaming songs like Psichic Waltz, Blindness Inc., “Inflames” Set Afire Almost Burnt, Rising and Shining Soul onto To Learn From Literature or the Burning Doubt as well as those traditional chants, percussion or the highlighted cover of Venom’s At War with Satan comes a surprise for an Avant-Garde eclectic !

Flames Everywhere:

Emotional Nice (Spinefarm Records 1994)

Behind the original extremity as the Grind-Core group turning to Nu-Metal/Korn-inflicted teams-up and gearing beats in secluded semi-messianic machinery tempos of Xysma – the Turku, Finland rocking metallic band consisting of Janitor Muurinen, Kalle Taivainen, Olli Nurminen, Teppo Pulli and Toni Stranius liking wider influences for their musical tenacious sense from the mix of 70’s Classic Heavy Rock to Death Metal to pure Retro Rock and Pop as well as releasing one of their finest recording made to album on De Luxe – within either the surprising piano superb fights inside the pub or saloon like the testimony for the power of Grunge/Hardcore/Punk Metal and Heavy Rock to Rock N’ Roll through I Fell Like Lou Reed, Hard Without Tenderness, Green Gas Station Jacket to Le Mans 66 and So Divine – turning the frustrating lyrics and three chords explosion blasts of the mighty Xysma attracts more attentions of the screw-heads and bangers-on.

De Luxe:

Ritornerai (Dancing Ferret Discs 2007)

Gothic-Rock symphonies in the marking made their ways possible to detect as the Dutch group comprising of Cees Viset, Fried Bruggink, Kemi Vita, Merijn Mol and Roman Schonsee of The Dreamside that formed in Rotterdam verified their complicated rocking track by adding more metallic taste onto their music not entirely closing their rooted Goth-Rock and Dark Wave influences from beginning as the several records being released by them and further more there’s this compilations of miscellaneous recording tape of Pale Blue Lights & Nuda Veritas seems to be the exact monument for celebrating the entire works of The Netherlands’ band career and songs chosen wisely there as yours to witness and listen.
From the seductive leather blackened suits and gorgeous female singer and thus fine melodic of echoes and haunting whisperers going through the dense of woods untouched … Coming within the October atmosphere and dry leaves falling to the ground as Divina, Women’s Chant, Goddesses, The Divine, Dance Goddess Dance and Travel or Luis comes as the most glamorous Goth-Dark Wave special sounds re-creating the imaginations for her to wait for you.


Worm Conqueror (I Hate Records 2007)

   Cemetery Earth providing to you all the fanatic fans of Doom Metal USA troops to bashing the sky within thus mighty riffs and slow-slamming drum tempos like atmospheric but also haunting via the tremendous efforts made by these Glen Mills, PA’s para-occultism and Heavy Metal traditional Stoner/Doom rocking hour with the trio Pale Divine of its head-banging crew: Greg Diener – guitars/vocals, Darin McCloskey – drums and Ron McGinnis – bass guitar taken their drawing inspirational case and sounds from some of the finest legends like Withcfinder General, Angel Witch, Trouble or Pentagram and Candlemass respectively and dark as the purification over the chosen skull-heads collective on the front-side remarks the essential blasphemous themes stabbing out from the dark-descends area below the unreachable lights cannot penetrate the abyss floor of the creepy basement and the band’s Metallica-sound proof alike similarity for Broken Wings, (I Alone) The Traveller, The Seventh Circle as well as the powerful mojo-wrecking of Fire and Ice truly shall making your head bang harder as the morbid demonic possession happens on the other room without everyone notice as god himself scared and moved away.

Cemetery Earth:

Say A Prayer (Mascot/Pony Canyon 1997)

   An infamous actual but rather a lesser-known veteran vocalist for at least tons of the second-hand groups carrying their wnad-sticks and row the boats over the vast wider ocean of Heavy Metal realm but mostly fails – didn’t stop this man to get the grip and continuing build his own Speed Metal pandorum with Michael Vescera Project (MVP). From the bands like Fatal Force, Obsession, Sovereign or Stygia as well as Safe Haven to Killing Machine which all else failed; comes the brilliant ego-central but good format of Mr. Vescera visions on protecting his own interests in Heavy Metal as well as the public whom always being loyal to this loud music within the debut record – Windows; smartly comes within the variety of rock fusion to metallic sounds and there’s something on everything for anyone to listening there such a promising track-listed clashing and sharp-melodies or slicing solos and your favorite songs perhaps among those like Crack The Sky, Innocent Man, Anyone, Yesterday and Don’t Let Me Down or Words Unspoken back-up by the rest of his band.

You will liking it loud !


3 Trees Earthquake (My Pal God Records 2001)

Repeating the whisperer Folk mentioned once and again but never stop the harmony vocals clearer than any of people’s representatives on the parliament with rotten greed inside their hearts; not this man – Brian McTear doing his own thing, written lyrics and singing on what he feels for the lies and the joking law-making or the non-simple living with mounting problems bigger than your mom and dad would facing after the eighties came or your grandparents doing their sex-activities on a tent without afraid to believe in something special just like how this Bitter, Bitter Weeks solo project of Indie-Folk Pop on an acoustic guitar like the real follower of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan to walk the line across the wall-street avenue singing louder about Daylight Savings is Over, The Best Days of My Life, You Paralyze My Heart or Water in The Basement that collectively gains the social-views, political issues and romance into one bundle of melodies under the umbrella.

The self-titled recording which sounded low-profiled but uploading awareness to us all.

Bitter, Bitter Weeks:

Grazing Else/If (Bandcamp 2016)

Tiger Security and Nasty Narwhal or Emperor Penguin standing behind the White Walls as the timing tells the truth reveals that extinction for any kinds of living things stops from happening because there’s a help coming from behind the sea of uncertainty and mystery land on the other side of the barrier of nature physics over mankind beliefs and Yearbook trying to seem to understanding you from being misleading entirely over a theory or rumour that comes and go through decades as the band – Animal Super Species consisting of Danny Gunny (vocals, guitar, synths), Reilly Mahon (guitars), Nick Rives (bass, synths) and Chris Hansen (drums, percussion) deleting their sweetening commercial and replacing it with clever smart techniques and arranged tunes which truly sounding like a Garage Power-Pop in an Alternative Indie Progressive for the west coast/Los Angeles representatives. Go and get in deeper further for more good songs like Please Let Me Sleep, Don’t Ask Unless You Wanna Hear It or Tough to Read may totally lifting you up from burdens and gain spirits again for tomorrow right when one got this over-louded through the windows and being heard by neighbor kids too !


Dremate Incanduce (C/Z Records 1994)

As being dissolved after the death of Michael Dahlquist the drummer; the rest of the crew: Andy Cohen (guitars), Tim Midgett (bass), Joel R.L Phelps (guitar) and Matt Kadane (keyboards) of the US Indie Rock group Silkworm calling it a day. As already develops onto their own sub-genre for experimenting the noise of sounds distortions and Grunge-tinged flip-flaps bargaining records in release; the fifth album can be described as one of the band’s finest works by far within thus bass-line captures the jaw of the listeners, good spontaneous three chords or more harmony blistering of honest lyrics and daily weird themes on In The West comes to your stereo system. 

The full moonlight over the Mexicano border romance or the red waterfall and pilgrims and those drum-bashing songs of free-thoughts and simple rock music turning independent within Garden City Blues, Dust My Broom, Into The Woods, Punch Drunk Five and Raised By Tigers or Parsons may blasphemously burning your mom’s cooking recipe collection books down where there’s matchsticks.

In The West:

Nine Oh Five (Cedar Fever 2009)

Little fishes for breakfast or just a terrible fun display, the good rocking riffs and melodic jangly for Alternative Post-Punk Austin, Texas rules by the hands of this recording extent by The Gary is the name for these trio cowboys playing Indie Rock and Country stronger evidence via Chub – the elegant non-fully length records coming out from them but Dave Norwood, Paul Warner and Trey Pool aren’t your philanthropists rockers and philosophers and they’re looking kinds of skin-headed old guys with the energy of a young band and playing thus by standard tempos looking sway as the monotonous vocals didn’t quite ruining the show they’ve made with colors.
The inspiring tracks suitable for the long road driving along the routes did manage to penetrates your brain as the seven songs like Expiration, Damn Machines, I May Have a Drink onto Freeway and Confusion truly sounded catchy but didn’t quite showing themselves as a sell-out bogues living in sins and try to make some money on making the listeners having them in one particular album of a hit wonder …


Hawking The Galactons (My Pal God Records 1999)

Consisting for the core duo funky-goofy-interesting ideas makers of DJ Lazlo Minimart and Melvoin Stanke the keyboardist exploring their love on Electro-Funk culminations and analog antiquities system for creating some more good modern beats for the music in a rapid pace to the slower tuning phases; arrived in-between albums per albums and taking one of them would be that second one recording of Emperor Penguin features fully squadron like bassist/guitarist Jack Flapjack or Nord (keys) and drum player Ferrari with both Brian Wnukowski or Carl Saff leading the beats.

Via Extreme Gaming is no joke for being seriously relaxing but also fully charged in good techniques presenting there as Electronic/EDM and Electro-Funk Jazz all ruling the most music sounds through either Federation Funk, Phantom of The Gay Opera, Compufunc, My Lunar Rover to Cop Show, Big John ’99 and Superstation Overdrive like a robotic machinery touch displaying the intelligent smart micro-chip taking over the small labs for the group’s music like a thrilling horror short series from the eighties era story.

Extreme Gaming:

The Chuckler Male (Domino 2017)

Within the vocals sounded so cool like the estimated light-years away copycat of the Lou Reed’s soul in progress, meeting this Post-punk band off Detroit, Michigan named Protomartyr must be a good sign for having a discovery of climates over history in non-judgementality on the figures behind the group’s efforts – Alex Leonard, Greg Ahee, Joe Casey and Scott Davidson as a quartet leaving their marks through those recording releases since the predictable end of days on the new millennium missed to happen.
Now via the latest recording from them again; Relatives in Descent as they’re bringing a more appropriated female in veil as a sign of new age comes back in a different face; driving the ears of many audiences through the artistic spoken words/depressive musical melodies mixture here via Caitriona, My Children, A Private understanding, Windsor Hum onto Night-Blooming Cereus. 

Like there’s an electric drill tries to penetrate your consciousness somewhere while listening …

Relatives In Descent:

Waterslide (Porch Party Records 2017)

Have one heard a Goth Du-Wop group as an LA outfit but acclaimed from a place nearby after a started several project of music continues to fail, widening advance with more audience to reach there as this Long Beach built band called Nectarines is the one that we talking about.
A variable of four girls and a guy or an experimental variations of music lovers with weird ideas coming altogether as an assembly of Nima Kazerouni – guitars/vocals, Allie Bumsted – drums, Corina Camacho – keyboards, Kaitlin Weichsel – bass and Rachel Rufrano – drums; as this wizardry home recording/independent music of do-it-yourself composing hanged within the semi-depression and plenty whispering howls available through this self-titled album. 
Sing their – Interference, the glass-house theme on Happy For Now or Out of My World which following Too Bad as the opener as being wrote satisfyingly not well worthy as the band might feels. 

A jam beginning with a drink of coffee and beers needing a therapist mixed with passion.


Plumerias Visions (Porch Party Records 2015)

   Mingled or moving out away from his used to grouping continuity project of being a Pysch-Prog musical on Long Beach, CA – Rudy De Anda has decided to burst-out as being independently attached only to his soul-mate standing at the end of the dock off the bay or greater than that do the wood rafting with the bubblegum stuck on each other’s face on Ostranenie album recording. Feel the fresh juicy and vintage results via the old day’s Pop from the sixties with some Cha Cha Cha outlook beats and vermilion silky Latino dance moves through this Indie Pop music written via Tu Esquina, Mil Pedasos, The Fast Route The Fast Decline and the romantic mumbling on Roses and Chalk; sounding not forcing one to do something to others with excessive force but ready and worth to be heard.
Fore-fronting the genuine and find this guy in your modern spectrum light outside the MTV style trendy sounds today !


Beds Of Fire (Bandcamp 2015)

   It’s like a masterpiece works from the new founding generations whom loving how the 60’s and the 70’s Classic notable Pop sounds being snatched by the next essential contemporary names like Beck or The Killers not trying to be some kind of Emo-whining besides too many failures already as we know it – then the next steps is going back to reality when Alternative Jangle-Pop rules their own small world turning more community to liking them slowly as ended up with the incoming of Modern Rock and Neo-Pop thanks to the characterized sounds that also taken by The Lunar Laugh of Oklahoma City as their finest melodic tunes with harmony choir and smothered distortion wall asking you rather to dance happy than head-banging like monkeys.
Jared Lekites had teaming up with Connor Anderson forming this “a must have” band for your collections as an inspiration to the excellent Pop-gems like Lindsey Buckingham’s accessories on this so called – powerpopholic. 
Successfully giving thus coexistence tracks of joyous themes to share and wisdom to re-thinking via Winsome, The Way I Roll, On The Road, When I’m Alone and Bottom of The World are the great lists for The Smithereens fans to have right there on Apollo ...


Club Step (Bandcamp 2014)

Big Something is the exclusive echoed pleasure products made by local musicians off Burlington, North Carolina as the unpredictable group of groovy Funk elements mixed with Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and for the listeners journey by the myriad of styles, you can depending on some new generations who loved either Sly and The Family Stone or Lenny Kravitz or both and seeing the force of this electrifying beats from the group members – Nick MacDaniels (guitars, vocals), Doug Marshall (bass), Josh Kagel (keys, trumpet), Casey Cranford (saxophone, ewi), Jesse Hensley (lead guitars) and Ben Vinograd (drums) have fused their sounds of favorite unique and timeless improvisation on taking listeners’ interests to the next level through the power-house recording on BIG Something’s Truth Serum that means sensitivity of an Alternative sounds for us to tune-in. crazy enough to swam with Megalodon (feat. DJ Logic), or meet Capt. D and hearing the screaming out warning via Sirens as well as the romance touches seductive over Love Generator.

Yes, either they or you whom will telling the real story on another or …

Truth Serum:

Limbo Head (Self-Released 2014)

Part of Gavin Rossdale, seminal sound-bashing borrowed from Helmet; an Alternative Post-Rock from Orange, Australia calling themselves: Godfrey Turner Overdrive which (yeah) you know that they’re give a little bit joke for the comparison of the Classic rock group from the seventies but everyone will knowing the fact that through the recording of Visceral Light the engineered and mixed tremendous tracks of fie like the numbers of the band-members of GTO: Chris Benno (guitar), Peat Hall (bass), Jacob Pickett (drums), Jacob Bowden ((vocals) and James Buchanan (guitars) cranking their NSW’s thematic progressions and straight riff-age to be blended and serve rocking. Intertwined strings, swirl-riffs, distorted exploring energy taken off the heavy influences from QOTSA or A Perfect Circle sparkles like thus reflecting colorful blinded ray capturing coincidently in a quiet parking lot just like the symbolizing of Simple Words, Fractured Intentions (with Brad White) to Break The Habit as all the songs bashing towards how the audience reacts and closing them with smashing cool drum-basher.

Visceral Light: