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Zadok Coupe (Bandcamp 2016)

As everything else here on the recording performance made and play by Hugh Myrone – our digest musician and multi-instrumentalist smart person living in Los Angeles, CA as the tidal high of pure rocking elements phases comes and go fast like the second term level of the most intense local labeled a favorite virtuoso like Stevie Vai doing his excellent solo instrumentals with his wife as the performance for his children only type of music. 
We got romantic 80’s nostalgia or adrenaline launchers or super Euro-beat touch as most of it the normal awaits for the shredding furious guitar by Myrone as one hell of a project in various tempos, themes but never failed to impressing most of you whom like either Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal even Jazz and Soul and stepping in to dance within the semi-popular tracks and tones through Applied Dynamics, Artificial Ego, Main Menu, Touge Run and Ski Resort 87 or Neotek. 
When you driving like crazy over the highway or empty road don’t forget to trying this Drift Stage Vol. 1 but stay focused on the road in front. The album will keep you safe if you aware about how to do the ethics on the road-trip. 

The magic of jamming is yours, buddy !

Drift Stage Vol. 1: