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Yourself High (Bandcamp 2009)

Weird drifting noise and American Psych-Folk Rock with its odd front picture cover like bad occult but asking about what is the purposes from the group to Clifford John Usher (vocals, percussion, guitar, drums), Lindsay Pitts (vocals, keyboards, tambourine, drums), Steve Snider (drums) to Thomas Orgren (electric bass guitar) or Abel Okugawa (echoflex/recording) devoted being the marks made pretty well as artistic by the so-called group of them named Birdlips releasing this Metaphorical Acid. 
Telling us the story over Comeback Kid and Ghost Town and builds the guilt pleasure not for making someone feeling awful but as the growing forgiven has made into a truce between the rivals; leaving only a past tales on the run for another sharing just like as fluent like the album. 
Harmony musical and perfect Folkish in a tender prey format slowly crawling the truth on the small forest tracks or the forgotten road back to showing you the middle heart of Americana center of beloved semi-traditional musical figures.

Metaphorical Acid: