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Written Symbolic (SEM Records 2014)

Technical Death Metal Progressive force-fed the essential of death and social criticism smack-dabbed from the middle town of Samarinda – East Borneo, Indonesia on releasing an album called Chain of Destruction and let’s meet the candidate for your intermediate role for the next red dragon characters in these five-piece exteme-heads metallic musicians: drummer Dhana, guitarists Ovin and Ovan to their lead vocalist Johanes Brekmans as well as Iyal the bass player, Malvomed given these disturbing package of melodic Death Metal in your face slamming the innocent out bleeding hard as the tales of destructions led by the nation’s dwellers and migrants developers already devastating almost all the surrounding environments around the heart of Borneo area as well as the political non-solutions issues emerging as a threat for the country in diversity – ready to kill each other in sudden even by the small riot spotted. 
Listening to Malvomed’s hard tension of hatred and anger in mayhem within Negara Para Bedebah, Teroris, The Last Forgotten, Syndrome of Death and Sepultura’s infamous cover anthem for the third world countries – Refuse Resist. 

Will make you feel guilty and shaken or raised your fists for this !

Chain of Destruction: