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Woods Swallow (Bandcamp 2014)

   Is this parts of the themed soundtrack from the sequel of Once Upon a Time in Mexico or a lost mariachi group turning their music after crossing the border of the US ? None about the intro sounds realizing that actually the band called Viven is a Progressive Stoner Rock formed in Barcelona – Spain with the compositions of keyboardist Julio Ferre, Eloi Martinez the drummer/percussionist/vocals/keys with Ruben Martinez did his job handling vocals/guitars/banjo/dobro and Ricard Rodenas the bass player as well as some additional great musicians helping them recording the released album of El Solitario. 
Background by the marking borders off Catalonia/Andalusia dry-lands and oase-liked experiences images or farther hallucination on your eyes seeing the distance as the horizon looks moving towards you but actually getting away from the point that you standing while soling the balance of thinking because of lack on water. 
The thirst can be quite erasing with the blasting rocks music effectively comes out from the group’s amplifiers and thus English-based lyrics and the rest of Viven’s repertoire shall connecting the modern world back and social views regaining but never the ego can stop making problems unless you decided to conquering the realm yourself and nobody else; Breathe The Mist of Panic Anthems, The Cloverfield Shootout or Clouds and Horses to the Moon may landing harder than you think they’re and the amazing burst of tempos should attempting one or the audiences to concerning this band as a brand new blast !

El Solitario: