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Wonderlove (Kindred Spirits 2009)

The New Yorkers dream duo that exists but not very much lucky to have their time being appreciated by the Rn’B music lovers in order to presenting their creativity format of sounds via Heavy – the music group featuring Casey Benjamin and Nicole Guiland playing their habitual and influences coming from the likes to Soul-Jazz, of Miles Davis to Future Down-Tempo for Hip Hop messaging onto some others of newer interpretations for Broken-Beat to Funk just like Prince and The New Generations playing tribute to Brand New Heavies or such productive ones alike. 

Through First Sessions; one shall be very entertaining in good perspective with better sounds and cooler beats but relaxing not complaining altogether comes through your stereo system on Sez Who Sez Me, Unbelievable, Summer Song, Bumper 1ne, Do For You and many others including some remixes with the help of Jazzanova, DJ Spinna and YamWho? as well as many thanks from Casey and Nicole to their friends and original band members who gave their trust to them making Heavy – a great musical project: Raquib, Lamont, Stephen, Carla and Vicky. Tune-in and learn your tunes, baby !