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Winn Coma (DGC 1995)

   Insensitive sensibility with not good senses at all while the attitudes dragging by these Blues-Punk unit of the US legendary Alternative Rock naming the couple whom sexually deranged baptizing their beloved group – Boss Hog by the way. Jon Spencer (guitars) and his awesome woman Christina Martinez with bassist Jens Jurgensen and Hollis Queens (drums) to keyboardist Mickey Finn – being well known as the notorious nudity-like female displaying images as The Cramps or The Slits but more controversial, unconventional, commercial and well-confrontational by Ms. Martinez along the band’s rocking careers. And then, even when the couple’s separated due to disconnecting of their musical point of views; they’re still loving each other related in different groups or projects and keep on doing sarcastic things freely. Through the second self-titled album, Boss Hog led the entire Midwestern Alt-Rock scene and world-wide via many changes and disabilities of sonic perversions  of lyrics and composing beasty Indie-Rock formats on the great licks for Blues-Rock/Garage-Rock’s two chapters division for Beef Side including the songs like Sick, Beehive, Ski Bunny and I Dig You as well as the next one on Mah-Jongg Side concludes with White Sand, I Idolize You, Punkture or Strawberry and try not to put your trust for chivalry or kindness or a good girl image for the group because they’re all the freaking opposite of those. Whether you wearing Green Shirt with no bra or What The Fuck can be meant as hello dumb-butt, the sick world needs to learn the lessons – the fun way and Alternative Rock can be the answer for that !  

Boss Hog: