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Well Of Dreams (Not On Label 2011)

   Within the plenty musicians of mixed genders forming the inherit of traditional-based Symphonic of Classic and Folkish Heavy Metal and pagan’s renaissance sounds comprising for sopranos Alexandra Burca, Corina Hamat on mezzo soprano, Catalina Popa (flute), Doru Cailean (guitars) to bass player Istvan Vladareanu as well as drummer Alex Dascal onto Radu Tofan (live keyboards) and Cora Miron (keyboards) – it’s like the opening book of Epic Metal within its slower solitude Folkish harmony and metallic-tinged combines just as a walk with the band – Whispering Woods on the forbidden forest around Cluj-Napoca (the hometown) deeper into the Hades’ land crossing the river of the dead paths; meet the cursed dreams for those whom crossing the line forever as the musical project turning a live band as the Gothic/Doom/Classic Symphonies reveals the way for envisioned the group’s leading to small roads of their Heavy Metal lives aim. Semi-occults but mostly, beautiful and softer as they come-out; the performance for this releasing on Fairy Woods/Reimagined might teasing you a bit further by tasting these twelve gorgeous tracks made and recorded by the Romanians as parts of the journey inside the realm of clean harmonic within femme vocals to the louder growls via Ode to The Leviathan, The Call of The Trees, Ghost in The Monastery, Queen Medusa or Curse of The Nightmare and Black Wedding which most of them background sealed an old haunting history about Dracula and elves in common beliefs for many locals to today.

Fairy Woods/Reimagined: