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Wedding Prayer (Bandcamp 2017)

Don’t mixed the band’s name and the album title because here – you got ROOKiE or plainly, just Rookie releasing their album of Punk-Pop and Alternative Rock off Cincinnati, Ohio products and please, don’t get this wrong but the young rockers actually are sounding awesome and ambitious as well.
Daredevil the record artworks might be a tribute of remembrance for the extreme acts on popular biking attractions like Evil Knievel or even Johnny Blaze or Ghost-riders or else; the melodic perfections composing pretty well and off-course can easily inviting the young at hearts and those punk-kids to go pogo-ing like crazy as the tracks like Get Outta Town as well as They Sing to Me onto Pleasures of The Damned and Break My Stereo to Love My Old Woman or the hipster issue like Internet Dating feels like one can get up and smell the brand new millennium with the performance mid-tempo bursts and simple lead guitars through Stephen Sherman bass play, Doug Kreitzer the vocalist, Jay Baskette punchy Pop drumming and Tommy Cappel guitar’s riff-age and backing vocal of harmony did well by the band themselves on the record. 

Will drive you crazy for the jumping sports.