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Wawawawa Song (Childisc 1998)

   Me No Mae Ni Attayo for the aliases real name of Takashi Mizukoshi a truly border-breakdown in much variety tempos on experiments that used to and being still manage, in continuity and collects by the brilliant clever musician from Tokyo, Japan disguising upon your stereo behind the baptized stage name off Suppa Micro Pamchopp. 
Looking into the first album form him might easily to us for seeing how valuable the essence on thus Electronic mix with Japanese Pop abstraction via exotica and Dance-Pop as well as Indie sound-art of Punk and Techno world of Japan music heritage. 
   A masterpiece of illusion as sources of an out of print sound right in these sixteen tracks recorded off this monument of sounding experimentations as far as one concerns belting themselves over boredom and confusing arts of noise here within Parfait, Atonisite Waraukoto along the unknown resistible borderline between music and bunch of out-of-date signals combining into a giant mess of collision between materials and invisible force that blows out madness to them – the audience. 
Himitu to Munasawagi and Long Echo and Dokonimokanaiki Dokohedemoikuhari and others seems to marking the lost of sanity as a must while having this on …

Me No Mae Ni Attayo: