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Water Buffalo (Independent 2013)

“Do It Yourself” isn’t dead yet nowadays and as a phrase for taking you going forward in making something better without too much commercial or pretension seems to be filled the minds of these Columbia – South Carolina’s Indie Rock and Alternative-Pop trio named Small Sanctions with Grayson Venters (guitars, vocals), John Fowler (bass guitar) and Nate Puza (drums) releasing their mini recording album called Feather Habits within four tracks and fully artistic on a fine Art-Deco background over the front cover. Mausoleum opening the good sensibility for keeping your tranquility and your instinct altogether attached and don’t ever letting the pasts ruins your everything again while Judicial Lovers bring the romantic touches going out from the comfort zones and entering the real world of a small town or a long distance by reality of harmony and melodies as being engineered as being mixed by Alex McCollum and thanks to the creative group’s talents for song-writings as well as you can hear for Talking Bodies. They’re not as big as Kings of Leon yet but if you like Alternative Rock much – you surely wanted to listen more from these guys shortly with their fully recording.

Feather Habits: