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Warkah Perbatasan (Qarma Musiq 2016)

   Being normally and commercially famous in his local and international around South East Asia region; used to be with Too Phat as an imminent promising duo for Hip-Hop to Malaysian music scene and Pop culture advance there but then it stops and Malique as one of them continue his own journey in the love for sounds, beats and Rap Music in general mostly, as an AIM winner for the highest achievement in Malaysia music award as one of the best selling artists but certainly – doing it himself ? Our Arabian, Thai and Malays descent releasing his own works and yes, it didn’t disappointed to listening with as the fresh but more darker lyrics about struggling for not living easy but working hard via this record with the similar face of psychotic-liked Hannibal Lecter in front cover for this Johor Bahru kid relentlessly, slicing his way back with TKO: Pejamkan Mata as the unltimate Hip-Hop for the newer generations that sounded a little bit wiser, naughty, kind, spiritual and also tough in many ways as the lyrics are mostly – written and composed in bahasa Malaysia even though people from the different language and characters or culture shall having not many difficulties to interpreting the meaningful under the term track-lists like the peaceful messaging through Perang Dah Tamat featuring Rabbani; questioning himself and others who aren’t staying true to their choice of music anymore in 201 Masih Hip Hop featuring Malique’s longtime friend from Too Phat – Joe Flizzow to the scratches displaying by DJ Jacular for Muzik Buatku High and the Reggae-Pop sweetening song on Senyum featuring Najwa and for most of the local fans or new ones the music made by Malique is still very much alive and not sounding psychotic but the aura that follows them can be sometimes crazy wild or fully romantic within Aku Maafkan Kamu featuring Jamal Abdillah as well as the live band background or Pejamkan Mata featuring Dayang Nurfaizah. Developing not only himself but the rest of more local Malaysian artists by this.

Good Job !