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Warden Breaks (Cold Meat Industry 2004)

   It is an infinite pleasure-dome for any experimental of Dark-Ambient musical project of Simon Heath’s thrilling horror stuff as Atrium Carceri described as Black Ambient music right from the side-show of many samples of terror of the night kinds of feelings clinging onto your nightmare hours which won’t go away easily and cult-atmosphere complesity for desolation, loneliness and decaying environments being centered like the demonic dark figure on the front cover did something horrific to the woman on the corner as well as the spoken radicalized hidden messages spreading through this epic secondary releasing from Atrium Carceri – Seishinbyouin. 
As fourteen tracks has been recorded and composed to destroying your life which already under the ruins, suicidal tendencies went straight down as your self-esteem is no more to be found. Surely becoming one and the audiences shall be infiltrates by infections like bacteria-based life form or disease acute in slow attacks as the noises will haunts you until you dead and buried but seems to be never stop bothering the living (in hell) like your beloved ones or your family or such. 
No affecting noticed or being detects but as soon as you passing the songs like Incubation or Twisted Foetus or Dark Water through the exterior Atmosfear; you just need to counting down your last breath and memories while being dragged via Victim to Librarian to The Call or Frosted Snowflakes did murdering their listeners with illusions that shattered for symphonic intensities and spectrum utopia.