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Wanted Suds (To Live A Lie 2016)

   Boston, Massachusetts early in the first day or the mid of noon or even night-times isn’t going to be secure anymore after the cowardice bombing and the aftermath effects of it and just like the tragic marathon story and the intense war against terrorism; there’s taken their side for making changes to your thoughts that not every-day you can blaming someone for things happening on the world today and as western civilization collapsing slowly; the quartet of Goolagoon form the bean town HC scene naming their classic disfigurement sounds of the streets, the rebellion and the youth protests to the excessive force of law owned by the tyrant regime and how America has turning from the dream land of freedom to a capitalistic motherfucker state of oppression and anarchy as the raging femme vocalist Lily, guitarist Jake, drummer Spencer and bassist Big Sherry taking the violence theory into a real approval via Life Of Crime releasing. 
Eight tracks, fucking fast and noisy album to cranking hard and make your mom and dad feeling truly uncomfortable and guilty like the many rest of Americans feeding their own kin or kinds. Pick up: Culture Shock, No Weenies Allowed Big Pink Loser and Survival of The Idiots and turning them to your Power-violence anthems.

Life Of Crime: