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Wacky Woah (Burger Records 2014)

Stoked On You means that a fully content appreciated for those whom loved to have an entire California dreaming themes or tokens collectible for yours only as well as these Surf Rock, fuzzing of soft Psychedelic Grunge and Punk for the beach living proof in The Aquadolls founded by Melissa Brooks whose joined by guitarist/vocalist Ryan Frailich, bassist Josh Crawford and drummer Colin moore after recording their bedroom demos and garage driven shows then forming the alliance stronger enough with some local labels before the releasing of the band’s debut album. Fifteen tracks with much glamour or the excitements around the descriptions for a summer tales to your dreamy moments over California beaches or babes or just the surroundings all over the places splattered within Don’t Mean Jack, Tweaker Kidz, better Off Without Her, Guys Who Sk8, Our Love Will Always Remain onto the gross theme like Sinus Infection. Sensual, simply rocking to force the half-drunk crowds to dance silly and a twisted story-teller led by a blonde beauty for you who loves to get wet by salt water and the drifting waves ! 

Stoked On You: