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Volaras (Temple Of Torturous 2017)

   Blending their traditional Spanish classic-guitar performance by thus Heavy Metal, Doomy Stoner to Progressive Rock in an artistic possibilities with the love so much on the influences from Neil Young & The Crazy Horse to the newer stuff by Black Mountain or Wolfpeople – for examples. These Power trio of Progressive Metal Psychedelic and Hard Rock from Algeciras/Cadiz developing their skills and higher techniques on the making of true re-birth of living musical proposal in quality and inventiveness terms just like you and the rest of the audience would clearly hear there for Atavismo comprising of Pow on drums and vocals, Mat the bass player and Pot the group’s main attraction for electric guitars ensemble altogether as full-fledged. Welcoming thus eccentric and mid-tempo miracles among the goods and tunes providing by Atavismo on their Space Rock/Prog-Rock and Psychedelic beats of sounds recording through Inerte (lacking ability and strength to move). 

Five tracks, variable tempos and long jamming with spicy techniques to amaze you and the global listeners as the songs of La Madicion De Zisco or Pan Y Dolor relatively – closing the crashing gate as the music approval radiates out from your ears into air of imaginative sequel wanted ad a demand …