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Vitiligo (Must Die Records 2011)

Feeling like wants to be a little bit odd today ? Come to the right place and let yourself choose your artists – the weirder the names or the music the better and as a preposition for the interests raising for Noise/Electronic/Experimental from Bruges (Belgium) as an alias for Christof Becu as being also known as Drommord or Gebrom is already teasing you guys with the mystic sounds and oddity harmonic sampling or noise-experiments for the unconditional of Industrial Electronic music signals with a less keys for opening the hidden codes kept inside the composing tones from Bedawang over the second album: Skin=Deception. 
Dark Ambient or the smooth-skinned nudity graceful cover but also creeps your views like a sputter guttering flames as the last transmitting of communication fits just calmly beautiful. Weakly pulses or irregular constructions on no terror effects shall taking the listeners to the dark world and minimalistic change on the love and joy for hearing the music deadly dearly sounded like this one. It’s perhaps, the most intense collaborations between the Ambient Electro heart-beats and thus New Age flicker emotions turning atmospheric into a beautiful silence for the vital evenings of winter times. 

Tracks for the permanent and temporary motions: Pappiloma, Hypertrichosis or Tungiasis, Dermatographia and Argyria.