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Virtues Return (Bandcamp 2015)

   Feeling the flowing windy blows as the cold temperatures from the top of the mountains correctly fell down slower and took the innocent of young fellows away as the adventuring trio of Folk-Rock whose sounding almost like the mature Credence Clear-water Revival before they even getting famous and the similarity for this came back again through the territorial sounds brought infamously collective like a branding big band or group on the releasing Into Frames recorded quite epic and classically folkish by Augustus from Boulder, Colorado. Rocking Bluesy soft and semi-standard may ordering a demand from the audiences already being hypnotized by the great Americana vocals and Rocky mountains’ atmosphere on Colin Kelly crispy vocals and guitar play onto the multi-instrumentalist hero Jim Herlihy creating their buzzing Psych-Rock locally magic on this one. 

The old whiter wooden house been built since many years ago still standing as well as the strange cover showing the musician by three wearing animal masks; asking the romance-timing and rural emission reacts or stay over the six choices songs like Iceberg, Born Of Men and Cursive shall attaches your musical roots as you thinking about home sweet home. 

Into Frames: