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Violins 1000 (White Whale 2012)

   As the sun shining back again in shy looks over the cloudy mountains of grey skies up there, feel the retro passionate Indie Rock and Pop music with great vocals approving that this Berlin’s group – The Mohawk Lodge probably would be yours truly savior that day when thunderous storms raging and more problems rising like high-tide but the Punk-Pop rocking harder and wiser by it sounds really could adding more Alternative Power-Pop collections for you with wallpapers of butterflies and symbolic of a dead young buck letting the beast inside you develop onto a mature being and set the new course for your daily journey while the music from Damaged Goods sparkling loud through your speakers as the car went medium by speed for a mile; feels the encountered views that can opening your mind’s eye once again to think clearer via Using Your Love, Wild Oogs, Sing Your Love, Gold River, Hard Love or Howling on The Moon – signing the alert for keeping yourself together, enjoying small things and hit the road because your hours in life has always being blessed my friends …

Damaged Goods: