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Via Lactea (Fluttery Records 2016)

   In the midst of dismay, ethereality and vibrant featheriness aren’t the words for an easy descriptions to someone’s mind indulgence to understanding what’s the meaning of these but maybe via the main-instrumental experimenting sound of noises performs by a live band minus the vocals; you can really understand about what’s the truth which trying to send by Max (guitars), Serge (guitar), Dima (drums), Kostya (bass) and Igor (violin/bagpipes ) through the Post-Rock’s exposing strings and drama on Bryansk, Russia’s Jet Plane group. Much styles to combined there from Ambient, Math-Rock, Art-Pop, Heavy Metal to Folk-Rock eventually emerging slower but within the sharp-based exterior extension, bursts louder after being buried deeper as surprises for the lonely hearts’ private hiding place up on the hill far away from the crowds and imaginable holy ground circling the gate opened for any possibilities including Prog-Metal Pop music like this album – Pipe Dream. Sparkling onto exploded in a shouting noise comparable to the past screaming about freedom holds the essential sacred below the following numbers like Under An Atomic Sky through Voicegame talking about the end of our civilizations through enormous wars and hacking systems or even the proclaiming phrase for I Hate You Too really means a separation between different races facing degenerated and ready to destroying each other over a few differences spotted years after the (once) a peace-millennium.

Pipe Dream: