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Vamplifier R (Bandcamp 2011)

   Not many information that you would get for asking about how cool is the Dunedin, New Zealand’s gratuitous doomed sounds of the Garage Rock version with the releasing of half-blasphemous for the catholic because Jesus didn’t save no fools whom regretfully, cheating on their own followers by telling lies and oppressing females from totally becoming free from man’s enslavement world and products as pornographic corny sessions or red-faced pope with vulgar display of cottonmouth-sneaky attitudes toward the eastern world without compassion that used to be a trademark for any Christianity to promoting peace. 
Speaking about promotions, this releasing record album entitled Manthemic should be a good example about how younger generations now fighting the establishment of early and older society values that being seen as an embarrassing weakness for not showing progress to moving on as human beings – us turning to sociopathic robots being controlled everyday by the authority without even for couple minutes can describing ourselves free by rights. Nudity, animal farm sexual contents or just good for business sound of Rock n’ Roll spontaneity may occurred within these valuable track-list record for fighting fundamentalism views from deploying further through Drug-Crazed Alien Sex Lords, White Ray Charles, Who Needs A Dick, Pop-Fem, Mooncup and Look We Just Don’t Give A Fuck – acclimated the truth telling or shouted  right in your wanker face; you bigots ! You no good shitty cunts !