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Unfettered (Bandcamp 2015)

   With Max Scotch, Jon Myred and Nick from K-City whether it is an imaginable state or the real US soil area where these trio coming from; one should know and perhaps, liking the facts that they’re brilliantly, powerful in the making of thus repetitive Synth-Rock, Dark-Synth and Indie Rock Pop pleasure picking into the collaborative Electro music of their own popularity search path.
An alternative Post-EDM based but not too commercial to listen as one may knew the essential of Ocean Jet’s depression sounds via Vengeance (LP) as artistically weird as their cover album showing the audience about the tricky idea symbolizing the struggling and a planet in reduced, re-used and re-cycled messages like natural environmentalists do for campaign. 
   Balance arrangements, particular genre-mixes, unusual soulful vocals to an intriguing themes showing the humanity strength and weakness on the same proportional scale as you listening onto Stand The Night, Ghost, Beat Me as well as Shades of Past. 

In Red the marooned dawn closely kissing a brand new day of uncertainty …

Vengeance (LP):