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Turntable (EXXE Records 2015)

   Comprising of the Sydney’ Australia trio: Julia Wylie (vocals, bass, guitar), Mathew Frederiksen (guitar/bass, vocals) and Peter Beringer (drums) may contains that grungy in echo-laden and hazy distorted of softenenr Shoegaze riffage so catchy or floaty in a presentation off Gothy strong sounds like as nailed briefly blends as the swift for an ear-holes kick by Juliawhy? Within the immature touches from the influential Kim Gordon hallucinating standard fast solos and moaning sore vocals and the simplicity monotonous bass-line as comparison over the freight-train bullets acknowledge in Wheel by the New South Wales Alt-rockers. 
Edgy pacifier tones and mustard templates among the regular grunge show still available for Sydney area and wider – here’s your tricky tracks compiled as one record of eight songs like Just One Night, Bride To Be, La La Love and Flowers. 

... Better the sounds than the plain art-cover.