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Trouble Love Love (Barsuk Records 2014)

Originated from the next city of future of Rock Music on the nineties – Seattle, WA but moving sporadically and then settling in Brooklyn for being legally formed by Eric Elbogen of San Fernando Valley, CA native and being superlative for creating Say hi to Your Mom but then later on shortened to just - Say Hi as the solo project of Alternative awesomeness of Indie Rock and Synth-Pop derelicts bringing us the ninth releasing from his catalogs over Endless Wonder. Some minimalist drum-beats and electro-touched keyboards sounds available like Weezer being numb and making a new album collaborating with John Cale or someone crazier to make a non-absolute Pop-ambient Lo-Fi tempo and dance silly Indie Rock music just like Such A Drag, Critters, When I Think about You, Like Apples Like Pears, Figure It Out onto Clicks & Bangs or Sweat Like The Dew must be a hilarious temple of Pop-noises collectible well build in pinky background as the abnormal mutation angel-like demon figure turning on his television tube head and show the audience the perfect slow-working invasion of Alternative Pop Electro snatcher over their body and ears.

Endless Wonder: