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Trip Switch (Intent To Supply 2007)

Wrecking your lives by mistakes cannot overcome thus regret as the lost of confident being trapped by good semi-distortion sounds providing by the Irish Indie-Rock group for given this soundtrack recording for the tales of their own stories without gimmick but colder perceptions as the Goth-Pop basic influences and logical lyrics mixed into one particular standard music that rocks as the jamming session recorded pretty well to infiltrates your ears onto your souls while listening to the album of Graveyard Of Burnt Out Cars written and composed by the band themselves (mostly, Mr. Brannigan) as A Lazarus Soul consisting of Brian Brannigan (vocals/keyboards), Anton Hegarty (bass/acoustic), Fin O’ Leary (drums/bvs), Joey Wilson (guitars/bvs), Bryan Mc Mahon (keyboards/piano) and Joe Chester (additional instrumentation/programming). Let your imagination compares to the seasonal limitations on occasion events not celebrating onto the songs whilst the lamentation kept the greater goods to gets further than the reality order just like how a small island country like the group’s homeland dealing with struggling everyday to develops better in happiness and sorrow auctions – same like the themes from Stray Bullet, The Day Harry Left, Me & Maradona Dunne, Star of David as well as Decade for Believing onto Blue Murder – sparkling suns or rainy days won’t ruining your private collection of Indie Rock anymore with a brave packaging like this being released to international stores.