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Trigger Cosmic (Bandcamp 2015)

What’s Frank Zappa, interest on independent lunar condensations, fondue parties or tonky toys and grilled pork had their common resemblance ? If you asking the same question to band members: Mike Roman (guitar, vocals), Dan Rainone (drums, vocals), John Moroney (bass) and Matt McDermott (keyboards, vocals) off this Old bridge, NJ-based Progressive Rock/Metal band named No More Pain, it’s relatively would sounding as epic as their recording album entitled The Post Human Condition which uncommonly coming closer with those eleven tracks of the mixed of Alternative Rock and Grunge by the powering hammer techniques borrowed from the mighty Dream Theatre troops as their influences besides of course, the legendary Mr. Zappa himself and many Prog-Rock masters. Inside their heads imaginatively to reveals outside into these written and composing records with brilliant songs on it, you must be blind if you didn’t like to hear what the group had to share here within. 
Make your way into outer-space or crossing the dimensions as All As One glaring loud and proudly right, Behold The Screen in six minutes more also pretending that there’s wrongly mysterious happened in our lives single day whether you noticing them or not but The Spiral or Shrine of Pearl shall may setting some of us free from the bonds of martyrdom in lies on touching truth about God In The Glass countless particles surrounding you via Binary Annihilation Glitch and so on to the bottomless. Step outside your satellite door open and go for the faithful leap once …

The Post Human Condition: