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Trees Could Talk (Bandcamp 2016)

Opening Theme feat. Lt Headtrip & Duncecap to The Drill feat. Googie, Sci-Fi/Horror prod by Headtrip or Man vs Machine feat. Gruff Lion as well as these seven tracks released written and performed by We Are The Karma Kids of New York but here on the animated front cover for album – introducing themselves as Mc Eleven & The Karma Kids as they’re bringing the whole Hip-Hop world with Punk/Funk/Folk from the straight edge of the underground as Rap rules again, biaaatch ! 

Kombinations giving us the learning themes for seeing the global neighborhood using the talents boys off the real hood and streets of NYC and the closing areas. Definitely, not your television cartoon series on Warner Bros. with strutter piggy, stupid cat or lame-ass fable characters no more. 

The nutty dready harsh and raw punching shall drowning your dead body as it stiff deeper down the Hudson like a big stone while the gangs keep on rolling out winning after the Bored Games and life itself as the songs like Heavy Dog, Kombos and Sunday Fun-Day – Konstruct LIVE cuz now many would begun to respecting them or where they’re coming from.