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Traxx Tair (IAmSound Records 2010)

   From Traverse City and Chicago area of the world populations for the US soil’s additions over the newer scene by pounding beats of Electro-Rock and Pop-Techno cutting the slice of layers went through the middle of EDM revolutions on Pop-Culture music; here’s the trio of John Holland, Jack Donoghue and Heather Marlatt combining the essential loves for Witch House, Screw sounds, Experimental booms to Shoegaze and Trap ticking as the blending batter of the excellent camouflaging background tales of the resurrection event show by the son of god and Sunday Palm’s side-story may turning out to be true just like how the music been created and produce by SALEM on King Night album. 
Eerie and haunting sweet female vocals, mainstreamed launch-pad, keyboards and lots of synthesizers in use caught in a quite extreme ways possible as Pop being cheating now for Electro-Rock and Hip-Hop as threesome kinds of situations but didn’t harmful to listening by people from many different ages. Actual reality and dismissed shading of calamity may easily put up and mixed into a new format for entertaining us within the non-verbal images pops and slowly blurred in motionless colors via Release Da Boar to Frost, Asia and Redlights or Hound and then without warning; the dead body on the cross suddenly vaporizing into thin air – leaving a miracle and the top music machine supports by an electro-magnetic noise and talents.

King Night: