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Tramp Queer (Self-Released 2014)

   Started themselves as an unknown Synth-Pop and Dark Wave from Down Under as far as Adelaide, Australia for being the cover-band for Depeche Mode configures like alignment through decades of inter-influenced and rooted over their industrial-based modern sounds – meeting with Static Icon noises product can be too close to your new addiction via the similarity on Dave Gahan’s low-vocals onto the miraculous Electronic devices in photon-wired or automatic delivering by Alan Wicks, Michael Walker or Timo Jalkanen by respects as the mixing themed exploring more and more clubbing desires and touch the external plot on making good music sounded dark and cold while the same time becoming favorable in mid-tempo chills just like the approval on Static Icon’s last album so far as one viewing the dirty nurse in her non-disguise but extra ordinary to displays as the art-cover for the Synth-Pop’s Metropolis Mindfuck power-tricks in limitless electron magnets and thus semi-Hip Hop beats capable on being binged to purge through-out these tracks like Drug of Love, Disease Me With Pain, Punch Funk Baby, Paranoia to I Feel It then go on down deeper until you reach the bottom with I Never Wanted Anything and seek what you need to seek in finding yourself answer before it destructs …

Metropolis Mindfuck: