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Tower Of Babel (Fuck Yoga 2017)

   Before the group broke into just one man society pressures-tinged of Thrash-Core, Heavy Metal and Alternative Metal media for Chris Oxford; there used to be Chris Baker (bass), Dave Banson (drums) and Gabe Gavriloff on guitars as the San Francisco Industrial Metal and Death Metal pincushion writing about many problems around the modern planetary world especially in the United States. Apocalypse, politics, social issues and occult-death beliefs happen to be recording back by the only remaining member Chris Oxford also playing guitars, bass and vocals through the self-titled album available by Depressor for the likes on Fudge Tunnel, Sepultura and Neurosis for example cause the sounds remaining similar to the destructive essence led by those groups to your ears. 
Masterslave, Zeroed, Mockingbird and Somnambulus or Victimizer already told us about the full-length releasing here quite remarkable as well to reminding you of how the first time pioneers like Godflesh and its Streetcleaner leads the way and destroying the obstacle in the middle of them all before passing the legacy to the next gen-x of hatred rebels !