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Tower Of Ashes (Independent 2014)

   Just get wreck for the total attacks from the Groovy/Heavy Metal beats that shall triggers your impulse nerves to an upper level once you blasting it through your goddamn stereo in the middle of the holiday while everyone’s resting and let these Wedgeford, Nova Scotia band with their patriotic odd-chosen name The Bombing of Dresden giving you all something that you can understand from the past history of mankind on wars to the newest modern-day metallic-savior music on Scarvenger’s Daughter where the trio leads the listeners within their Progressive grooves power mighty techniques and mixed genre sounds performed by Luc Cottreau (vocals, bass), Brian K. Doane (guitars) and Jason Cottreau (drums) bashing the ears that longing for fucking good beats that jazzy metallic approved to be righteously awesome to listen like those off Broken Bull, Blue Caprice, Anti-Hero and Three Degrees. 

Good to know you just got the best on this !

Scarvenger's Daughter: